The hair stretching tools that allow you to have the same results of African Threading in a fraction of the time. 

What Are Afri-Threader Hair Tools?

The Afri-Threaders are new hair tools designed to stretch natural hair without heat. These PATENTED tools are very light-weight, easy to use and comfortable to sleep in.  

These tools were designed to mimic the ancient technique of AFRICAN THREADING, an ancient art that women across Africa have worn for centuries. Hair is sectioned and wrap securely with black thread from the roots to the tips. Hair is allowed to dry in an elongated state to reduce shrinkage and show the hair at its longest state. Although this method works very well for stretching, it takes hours to wrap the thread around each section of hair. It is desirable to have a hair tool that allows users to accomplish the same results as African Threading but in a much shorter time frame.

Afri-Threaders, are hair stretching tools that are specifically designed to mimic and expedite the African Threading technique. The custom design allows users to have nicely stretch roots and a beautiful blow-out without the damage from heat and chemicals.


AfriThreader Update (March)

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience with us as we work through the delayed shipment in China due to the Coronavirus. We have been in contact with many manufacturers over the last few weeks and are currently in the process of negotiating a contract with a secondary manufacturer. While communicating with our potential secondary manufacturer, we were elated to hear back our primary manufacturer in China last week reporting that the government has allowed them to go back to work as of Monday, March 1st.

We have been communicating with project managers all week and they are working diligently to complete our order. As of today, they are about 90% done with creating the next batch of VELCRO-FREE AFRITHREADERs. They plan is to ship us 300 sets at the end of next week and another 300 within the next 2-3 weeks. We will send out sets in the order that they were recieved. You will recieved your preordered very soon. See pictures below to get a sneak peak at the new VELCRO FREE AfriThreaders. The new tools will fasten securely using elastic bands. You will be able to try these out very soon!! Please continue to check your email for updates

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Here is a SNEAK PEAK at our new VELCRO FREE AfriThreaders

Velcro-Free AfriThreaders



Thank you for reserving a set of AfriThreaders. We truly appreciate your business and value you as a customer.

In an act of transparency, we wanted to update all of our customers who pre-ordered set(s) of AfriThreaders on the status of our latest shipment. We recently received news from our supplier, located in China, that the government has forbidden manufacturers to go to work in an effort to contain the coronavirus. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for people in China. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and all of those who have been affected by this horrific epidemic. Although our manufacturers in China have been wonderful to us since we have been in business, the unknown of when we will receive our shipment has given us no choice but to find another solution for our customers.

Once we heard this news, we immediately began reaching out to manufacturers in the US, who we believed could mass produce the AfriThreaders in a timely fashion. As of this week, we are in contact with 5-6 highly qualified manufacturers in the US who we are confident can handle the high demand of AfriThreaders. Our goal is to order samples immediately to ensure that we are providing our customers with a high-quality and effective product. Once we approve these samples, we will begin producing the AfriThreaders in the US and will start fulfilling orders immediately after we receive our first shipment. We will halt sales of AfriThreaders until we are able to sort through this unforeseen problem and secure a new manufacturer.

After the sample is approved, we anticipate production taking another 4-6 weeks. We will send updates (including pictures), via email, website and on social media to keep you informed on where we are in the process.

When we order from our new manufacturer in the US, we will order our newly designed VELCRO-FREE AFRITHREADERS. These AfriThreaders will not contain ANY velcro and are more comfortable to wear over an extended period of time.

As a token of our appreciation, we will also send you FREE detangling brush to go with your newly designed set of VELCRO-FREE AFRITHREADERS. 

We appreciate your loyalty and your patience and we do not take it for granted. We are excited at the exponential growth of our product and tool and are grateful to have you as a customer. Please continue to be patient with us as we grow and improve.

We truly apologize for the delay and we are working around the clock to rectify this problem. 

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***Coronavirus Updates In China***



Wash and condition hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Allow your hair to air dry... about 80% dry.


Apply coconut oil on slightly damped hair. Wrap elastic around the roots of hair and secure elastic/plastic ball. Detangle and secure hair in the mesh sections. Fasten sections  with the velcro.


Apply as many Afri-Threaders as desired. The smaller the sections, the faster the drying time and smother the stretch. 



Each Afri-Threader has an elastic loop at the end. Use these loops to put hair up and apply your bonnet for bed or a cute headscarf during the day.


Once your hair is completely dry, begin carefully  removing each of your Afri-Threaders.


Style your stretched hair or just rock the smooth blown-out look!

You Can Even Leave The House Wearing Your Afri-Threaders. Add Hair To The Bottom of The Last Section To Give You A Cute Bohemian Hair Style

Afri-Threaders Without Extensions

Attach Hair To Bottom Section

Cute Bohemian Look While Stretching

Two Stylish Ponytails

AfriThreaders Latest Update

Our business along with so many others took a devastating hit due to the Coronavirus, but we are determined to push through this obstacle. This pandemic has been devastating to people all over the world and has affected many in our community/families. 

We apologize for the delayed update. We are all back to work now and the governors are allowing business to slowly reopen. Our manufacturers are also back up and running. We will work hard to get orders out that you have been so patiently waiting on. 

We DID receive the remainder of our first batch of Velcro-Free AfriThreaders this week and our manufacturers are working extremely hard to send us the next batch within the next couple of weeks. These two batches will cover all orders that are current out. Please be on the lookout for a shipping confirmation email from us. We plan to send out 500 sets in the week and we will send the remainder of the orders when the next shipment comes in. 

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us. It has been a difficult 5 months, but we are determined to take care of our customers. 

We will post new pictures and videos of the Velcro-Free AfriThreaders shortly.

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AfriThreaders Team